Ready to land paid brand deals?

Ready to land paid brand deals?

Working for free!

Working For Free!




many influencers like you

get paid almost nothing for your hard work.

Even though companies spend more and more on influencer advertising every day.

Working in PR, I realized brands have MORE than enough money to pay you.

But influencers have no idea how to negotiate, get new sponsorships, and get paid. You are leaving so much $$$ on the table.

"But Do Brands Really Pay Influencers?"

Influencers with thousands to millions of followers were paid a total of $4.5 billion in 2018.

Not random free product.

That’s cash. 

Did you get ANY of that money?

Reached out a few times to brands but stopped when you didn't hear back

Listened to the basics, the generic advice, your influencer friends

Downloaded all the free tips, blog posts, podcast episodes...

You have...

So far,

You pour your heart into your blog and Instagram... but don’t make ANY money.

You've seen a LITTLE success but don’t know how to take it to the next level.

Brands reach out to you but refuse to pay you cash money. They only want to send you free products.

You Have....

So Far

It’s not that you aren’t motivated or ready to work hard.

You just don’t have the insider information you need to maximize your sponsorships.

You aren’t alone...

— Common frustrated influencer

“I've been blogging for 2 years now and haven't made a SINGLE dime….”

— An influencer who could easily do it if she just knew how

“I have NO idea where to even start when it comes to negotiating brands…”

— A blogger who already creates tons of value for her audience

“But shouldn't I wait until I have a bigger following?”

It’s a struggle...

— An influencer in my DMs last week

"My family thinks making money from Instagram is it really possible?"

— An influencer who is sooo close to that consistent income

“I've seen a little success...but how do I take this to the next level?”

— A YouTuber who is looking to get to that next level

“I've worked with a few brands...but what do I do now?”


this you?

You are sick of feeling as if your full-time-influencer dream is SLIPPING away

You're done with making zero or inconsistent money from your blog, YouTube channel, or Instagram

You're tired of being intimidated by brands and not knowing how to reach out 

You're DONE with not knowing whether you charge brands too much or too little

You're frustrated AF watching other influencers get paid by brands... and you need to know how they do it

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over - and expecting different results.

Let's be real.

Your current strategy is holding you back from your goals...


Some Inspiration?

There were once two bloggers.

Blogger A 
- 11K followers on Instagram
- 200K page views a month
- Full-time blogger

Blogger B
- 90K Instagram followers
- 90K page views a month
- Full-time blogger

Does not land a single PAID partnership. Gets a bunch of random free products.

Blogger B

Sets her record of $7K in one month by negotiating multiple deals and long term partnerships!

Blogger A

Both worked hard AF and pitched to tons of brands right before Christmas 2018.

meaning it's not rocket science.

The Reason Why Is Super Simple.

Blogger A went through Summer Camp and learned all the insider secrets to negotiating and reaching out to brands.

"GIRL, why do you keep saying you have insider secrets"?

Brands get away with this all the time. They know influencers don't know what they're doing.

Because I watched a brand pay $500 on influencers and get $10,000 in product sales.

A publicist + influencer strategist.

Featured in Entrepreneur as #2 Inspiring Podcast 

Led five-figure influencer campaigns with Lowe's, Chase Bank, + more.

Publicity clients in Forbes, Buzzfeed, TechCrunch, Adweek + NYTimes.

Seeing so many influencers like you get screwed over made me want to swap sides. It’s TERRIBLE to see influencers say “yes” to cheap or unpaid work.

You guys do that because you don’t know your true value.

You now have me on YOUR team. This program, Summer Camp, teaches you how to land paid brand deals + long-term partnerships.

In just a few days, you get the insider knowledge that it took me years to get.

I used to be the Director of Marketing + Communications for HGTV's Property Brothers. I negotiated six figure deals with household name brands and world famous influencers.


I'm Katherine

how to move from one-off unpaid brand campaigns to long-term relationships through an easy to follow framework for pitching, pricing, negotiating, and organizing collaborations.

You learn...

an ambitious influencer who is ready for a step-by-step strategy for landing paid brand deals?

Are you...

Not just one-off campaigns

Long-Term Relationships


No more getting paid ZERO cash

Paid brand deals


The only framework designed by a PR expert for BOTH household name brands and ambitious influencers.

Your Ticket To Full Time Influencer Life

You can never become a full-time influencer without a STABLE monthly income.

Inconsistent income, low-paying campaigns, and working for free is not going to pay the bills.

There is nothing like this training out there. It’s literally everything you need to be a successful influencer.

 The rest is up to you.

Enroll Now

1 payment of $497 OR
2 payments of $269

Imagine learning how to turn free product offers into cash money.

Maximize every opportunity that hits your inbox.

Doors SHUT December 31, 2019 at midnight. 

Don’t wait. Most influencers make their investment back in one or two brand deals.

Who said "yes!" to more paid brand deals

Join 250+ Influencers, Like You,


The only question is how many times 

 You will make your money back super quickly.

Letting brands make money off of you

Working on tons of one-off campaigns 

Working for free


influencers make their investment back in 1 or 2 brand deals.

You already have the followers and the inspiring content. Now... just get the business-side down.


You don't need to be a math person...


There’s something I want be EXTRA clear about. 

I started this whole program because I wanted to give awesome up-and-coming influencers like you the insider knowledge you need to succeed.

And remember...DOORS SHUT December 31, 2019.



You confidently knew how to turn past free campaigns into long-term partnerships

You were excited to reach out to brands you love! and hear "Yes!" from them...and weren’t afraid of getting rejected. 

You knew how to price your work, so you make the most money per deal. So both you AND the brand are happy.

You had a community of people just like you AND an expert to turn to when you are unsure whether or not a deal is worth your time.

The only step-by-step PROVEN framework designed by an influencer and brand expert.

Stop working for free.

If your business isn't giving you checks every month...

you have an expensive hobby.


You Serious About Success?

Look, it’s easy and comfortable to keep playing it small. But you will be in the SAME place months from now.


You can get the knowledge you need to eliminate business challenges + tell the universe "Hey! I'm ready to get SERIOUS."

You can get serious about your business success and get an advantage over (almost) EVERY OTHER influencer out there.

Fast Track

Spends months working for free. Get further from your full-time influencer dream.

Waste Time

A proven system for negotiating with brands.

Plug-and-play negotiation templates you can follow instantly.

A structure for turning a free offer into a cash deal.

Exact breakdown of creating a pricing structure.

Plug-and-play rate sheet, case study, + press kit templates done for you.

Walk away with a unique proven strategy to pitch to brands and get a response instead of being left on “read.”

A unique 3-part pitching system to convince brands they should work with you.

Dive into more specific + nuanced tips for crafting a higher-converting pitch.

30+ done-for-you pitching templates you can use to get reach out to brands immediately.




module 03

module 02


A step-by-step digital organization system for tracking your partnerships from start to finish.

A specific, proven system for creating better, more strategic long-term partnerships.

A proven system for clarifying + understanding your contracts.

Checklists to test your contracts + invoices.

Breakdown of streamlining contracts, payments, invoices.

Exact mockups of FTC standards

A proven system for convincing brands to use you for long-term partnerships.

Creating + clarifying your own custom communication process.

Best practices + plug-and-play communication workbook.




module 06

module 05


"K. Makes Sense! So what do I get?"

Your Business Legit


30+ updated 2019 video trainings 

Over 20 workbooks, PDFs, + resources

4 free weeks inside our paid membership community

Access to Katherine (me!) + team for questions, feedback, + support

This is a step-by-step strategy handed over to YOU.

The system is so easy even a five year old could do it.

All you need is a little hard work.



Brand Database

Brand Organization

Get access to 2 exclusive bonuses help you understand the brands you want to work with and help you get inside their heads.


will reach next level success in

You're the type of influencer who

Working on tons of one-off campaigns 

Working for free


Build long-term partnerships that build a second income stream for you

Regularly land CASH brand deals

Want to

If you...

This is my zone of genius. 

Featured in Entrepreneur as #2 Inspiring Podcast
for Female Entrepreneurs

Led five-figure influencer campaigns with Lowe's, Chase Bank, + more.

Publicity clients in Forbes, Buzzfeed, TechCrunch, Adweek + NYTimes.

Summer Camp works because you learn from someone who’s been living and breathing influencer campaigns for YEARS.

I know the corporate side. Businesses love how little influencers know, so they can make massive revenue for very little cost.

And at the same time, I know y'all are struggling to make monetize your brands.

This inside knowledge comes directly from the PR world.

It closes the gap and gives you EVERYTHING you need to create consistent income as an influencer.

Let me hand that genius over to you.

Let's work together

Sound good?

Get the inside knowledge that gives you an unbeatable advantage.


Being an

is what Lizzie McGuire meant when she said "This is what dreams are made of."

There’s Nothing Like Summer Camp Out There

It’s not a PITCHING course.

There are no GENERIC tips you could find on a blog somewhere.

It’s not a THEORETICAL course that doesn’t work in real life.

It’s not going to take MONTHS until you can start using it.

You can take the knowledge and start getting results ($$$) within 24 hours.


First, one of the main things we cover in Summer Camp is how to leverage a smaller following as a micro influencer! There's tons of value in having a smaller community - you just have to know how to present it to brands.

Just because you have a smaller following doesn't mean brands won't be interested in working with you. You just need to know who to reach out to, how to highlight your strengths in your pitch, how to negotiate a bit, and not just accept free product as payment :)

Q: Should I wait until I have a bigger audience to join Summer Camp? I feel like my following is too small....

Janna said, "Before I joined Summer Camp I had already invested in another very expensive pitching course and was a bit hesitant to spend more money on yet another course. I was worried I might not learn anything new and that it might be material I have already heard before. I am happy to say Summer Camp exceeded all my expectations!! I have learned so much insight from the course and I find myself constantly referring back to the content, especially the email templates, when I am communicating with brands."

Q: I invested in another influencer course...and it didn’t live up to my expectations. Is this just another "one of those”? 

Some brand collaborations take MONTHS to play out. For this reason, Summer Camp can't be refunded.

Q: Can I get a refund?

Good question - the 2nd payment is due 30 days after your first and will be billed automatically.

Q: If I choose the two payment plan, when is the 2nd payment due?

Yes! We did a major update in early 2019, and with your purchase, you get access to any major updates to the Summer Camp Core Content.

Our group coaching membership is FREE for your first month inside. After that, if you choose to stay, it's $49/month billed to you automatically.

Q: Do I get access to lifetime updates?

influencers like you


I've continually been using this technique and Katherine’s brand centered approach to pitching in order to secure additional paid jobs.

I booked my first paid collaboration for $400!



4-figure brand deals


Madeleine, moderately high maintenance

I’ve landed multiple 4-figure brand deals as a direct result of working with Katherine.



Campaign for $600


Kim, @thinkgypsy

Along with smaller collaborations, I landed a $600 campaign just by using the templates and negotiating methods that Summer Camp provided.



one deal into multiple


Janna, youtuber

As a smaller YouTuber + content creator, I always wondered what to charge for sponsored content. Katherine helped give me an understanding of what I should aim for based on my follower count (using real numbers) and helped me understand the value of high-quality content.



$3,000 in One Campaign


Nicole, @gentwenty

 I negotiated a $3,000 Brand Collaboration with her lessons, experience, + email templates.

 I was able to adjust my packages and negotiate a $3K brand collaboration.




the best influencer courses

One of

Shannon silver, creator

It’s one of the best investments I’ve ever made. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. It’s an investment but so worth. It’s probably one of the best courses out there for the online world/PR. Katherine is seriously a wealth of knowledge.  



Shannon silver, creator

It’s one of the best investments I’ve ever made. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. It’s an investment but so worth. It’s probably one of the best courses out there for the online world/PR. Katherine is seriously a wealth of knowledge.  



$400 in A Few Weeks


- @kcruz012, Mom Blogger + YouTuber

Before Summer Camp was even over, I had made back my investment. I pitched a company I had worked with in the past, and used the strategies I learned in Summer Camp to turn a "NO" into a $400 paid collaboration.



Ditch the instability, confusion, + stagnant phase you're in

Unveil YOUR specific true value as an influencer

Eliminate your insecurity + feelings of imposter syndrome

You Want To

This Is For You If

Work closely and transparently with like-minded influencers

Boost your confidence and start making money

Learn the pitching, pricing, + negotiating skills you NEED to succeed

You want to

this is for you if


Need This, Okay?

It's not easy to make it as an influencer. 

You have friends and family that think it's a joke job. 
Other people tell you the industry is too saturated.

A course like this would have saves SO much wasted time and protects influencers from the stress of running on the hamster wheel that is your business. 

There’s so much knowledge in it. You can start applying the strategies in a few hours. You can make the cost back in a week or two.

You are losing money right now by spending so much time on your content and NOT getting paid what you deserve.

You're ready to make it much, much farther.


Girl, you made it far!

the length of Game of Thrones.

Doors SHUT December 31, 2019 at midnight. 

Walk away with the proven insider knowledge you need to become a full-time influencer.

Enroll Now

1 payment of $497 OR
2 payments of $269

into full-time income?

Ready to turn your blog