Ready to land paid brand deals?

Ready to land paid brand deals?

ambitious influencers!

Ambitious Influencers!



influencers how to move from one-off unpaid brand campaigns to long-term relationships, through our signature framework for pitching, pricing, negotiating, and organizing collaborations. 

We teach

ambitious, growth oriented influencers who are ready for a step-by-step strategy for landing paid brand deals. 

We want

Not just one-off campaigns

Long-Term Relationships


No more working for free

Paid brand deals


Summer Camp is unique in that we focus on two core goals:


Making enough money that blogging full-time seems like an actual possibility.

Negotiating with brands confidently to hit your income goals.

Sending off invoices to brands - knowing they're paying you exactly what you deserve.

Be here...

You'd Rather

You've had brands reach out to you - but they only want to send you free product. NOT cash money.

You have NO idea how to land those brand deals you see on Instagram.

You pour hours into your blog and Instagram...all to not make ANY money.

stuck here...

maybe you're

Walk away with a proven strategy tried and tested by hundreds of influencers. 


Enroll for 1 payment of $497 or 2 payments of $269

into full-time income?

Ready to turn your blog

If You're Thinking...

— Common frustrated influencer

“I've been blogging for 2 years now and haven't made a SINGLE dime….”

— An influencer who could easily do it if she just knew how

“I have NO idea where to even start when it comes to negotiating brands…”

— A blogger who already creates tons of value for her audience

“But shouldn't I wait until I have a bigger following?”


succeeds in

You're the type of influencer who

Working on tons of one-off campaigns 

Working for free


Build long-term partnerships

Land paid brand deals

Want to

If you

Make back your investment with one or two paid brand deals

 These were my FIRST partnerships with well-known brands, + I felt prepared + confident throughout the entire process because of everything I learned in Summer Camp." 

"I landed two partnerships with Matrix BiolagÉ and Clarisonic!

— Michelle, SHE'S NOT SO BASIC

Before Summer Camp, I wasn’t totally sure how to price for Instagram posts, especially as my following grew, so I kind of just took whatever a brand offered me and ran with it. With Summer Camp’s Pricing Guide, I confidently raised my prices."

"I've negotiated higher blog + Instagram rates!


I thought I needed to have a ton of followers to get paid + to receive free product. I've also recently been invited to an invite-only event for travel and lifestyle bloggers!"

 "I've done one paid collaboration + turned a one-off deal into a year-long one!

— Nicole, GenTwenty

I was able to adjust my packages and negotiate a $3K brand collaboration. But the most worthwhile thing I learned from Summer Camp was to understand my value as a creator and ask for what I'm worth."

 "I negotiated a $3,000 Brand Collaboration with her lessons, experience, + email templates.


is this for?

You're tired of spending hours digging through Google or learning from other bloggers.

You want to say "yes!" to that mid-week Nashville trip - because you're working on your own time.

You want to serve your readers authentically with partnerships that will improve their lives, too.

You want to make consistent, significant money from your blog - enough to one day make it a full-time income.

Walk away with a step-by-step proven framework for landing paid brand deals and long-term partnerships.


of not taking action

The next time your husband pops in and says,

“Hey babe, making any money from your blog yet??”
You get that nice sinking feeling when your answer is


…but you just put in 20 hours of work….

You can get serious about your business.

Option 2

You can go at it without a proven framework.

Option 1

A proven system for negotiating with brands/

Plug-and-play negotiation templates
A structure for turning a free offer into paid work.

Start of creating your influencer-brand relationship process.

Exact breakdown of creating a pricing structure.

Plug-and-play rate sheet, case study, + press kit templates done for you.

A whole proven system on structuring your pricing packages.

Walk away with a unique proven strategy to pitch to brands and actually get a response instead of crickets.

A unique 3-part pitching system to reach out to brands.

Dive into more specific + nuanced tips for crafting a higher-converting pitch.

Clarifying Your Pitch - the unique strengths + data behind your own brand.

30+ done-for-you pitching templates.




module 03

module 02


A step-by-step digital organization system for tracking your partnerships from start to finish.

Creating a custom process for on-boarding and off-boarding partners.

A specific, proven system for creating better, more strategic long-term partnerships.

A proven system for clarifying + understanding your contracts.

Checklists to test your contracts + invoices.

Breakdown of streamlining contracts, payments, invoices.

Exact mockups of FTC standards

A proven system for communicating with brands for long-term partnerships.

Creating + clarifying your own custom communication process.

Best practices + plug-and-play communication workbook 




module 06

module 05



A publicist + influencer strategist.

Over $65K in brand deals negotiated in 2018.

Led five-figure influencer campaigns with Lowe's, Chase Bank, + more.

Publicity clients in Forbes, Buzzfeed, TechCrunch, Adweek + NYTimes.

Working in full time in PR, I started writing blogging tips from my unique perspective from the PR world could provide so much never-before-heard value to bloggers + influencers hustling their own blogs, wanting to work with brands. 

I now operate Slightly Savvy full-time through the original blog; the newest project, Swipe Up: A Podcast for Influencers; and I'm SO honored + excited to teach you how to monetize your influence.

Most recently, the Director of Marketing + Communications for HGTV's Property Brothers

So, who am I?

I'm Katherine

You don't have to go it alone!



industry can be intimidating

What Summercamp Is Not

A pitching course

A working with brands course from the bloggers perspective 

A course based on theory that doesn’t work in real life 

This isn’t a course where you never see the instructor.



+ community

Get 4-week free access to our paid membership community.

4 weeks of group coaching, live calls.

Live Facebook Q+As.

Specific audit calls on pricing + pitching.

Ambitious, engaged community with expert support.


Janna said, "Before I joined Summer Camp I had already invested in another very expensive pitching course and was a bit hesitant to spend more money on yet another course. I was worried I might not learn anything new and that it might be material I have already heard before. I am happy to say Summer Camp exceeded all my expectations!! I have learned so much insight from the course and I find myself constantly referring back to the content, especially the email templates, when I am communicating with brands."

Q: I invested in another influencer course...and it didn’t live up to my expectations. Is this just another "One of those”? 

Don’t stress, friend - you’ll have access to Summer Camp content forever.

You can do it completely at your own pace - and come back whenever you want to refresh.

Q: What if I can’t dive into Summer Camp content immediately because I work full-time/am going on vacation, etc? Am I going to get behind?

First, one of the main things we cover in Summer Camp is how to leverage a smaller following as a micro influencer! There's tons of value in having a smaller community - you just have to know how to present it to brands.

Just because you have a smaller following doesn't mean brands won't be interested in working with you. You just need to know who to reach out to, how to highlight your strengths in your pitch, how to negotiate a bit, and not just accept free product as payment :)

Q: Should I wait until I have a bigger audience to join Summer Camp? I feel like my following is too small....

Some brand collaborations take MONTHS to play out. For this reason, Summer Camp can't be refunded.

Q: Can I get a refund?

success stories


Per Katherine’s suggestion, I gave the PR contact multiple pricing package options to choose from which really made a big difference in closing the deal. I have continually been using this technique and Katherine’s brand centered approach to pitching in order to secure additional paid jobs."

"I booked my first paid collaboration for $400!

 Katherine provides a wealth of knowledge in all of the content she produces, and I can confidently say that Summer Camp teaches you things about the industry that you won't find anywhere else."

"I've appeared on 3 morning shows showcasing my favorite beauty and travel products!

Summer Camp taught me the metrics that I should be showing brands about my blog and how to market myself. I bought so many courses prior to Summer Camp - Summer Camp is truly the only place where I felt like I learned from someone who had industry experience about turning my blog into a business."

"I've actually gone through the course 3-4 times at this point because I keep going back for little tidbits of knowledge!

Walk away with a proven strategy tried and tested by hundreds of influencers. 


Enroll for 1 payment of $497 or 2 payments of $269

into full-time income?

Ready to turn your blog